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5 Most Affordable Localities in Ahmedabad to Live

The vibrant heart of Gujarat, Ahmedabad presents a rich history, bustling markets and warm hospitality. But for many, worries about affordability can overshadow the dream of living in this vibrant city.

For those seeking a financial thrill, fear not! Ahmedabad has many attractive and well-connected neighbourhoods that won’t break the bank.

So, pack your bags and get ready to have your perfect getaway to 5 most affordable localities in Ahemdabad to live in.

1. South Bopal: Where Cheap Convenience Meets Convenience

Proximity to SG Highway, South Bopal strikes a balance between affordability and convenience. This well-developed area caters for a range of needs with a mix of independent homes, apartments and gated communities. With rent starting from ₹8,000 for 1BHK, you get your money’s worth. The area is filled with schools, hospitals and daily necessities that are easily accessible. Besides, it is close to commercial hubs like Bopal Cross Road and Ghuma, making travel easier.

2. Gota: A Well-Planned Getaway for Budget-Conscious Families

If you’re looking for a quiet and well-planned neighbourhood, Gota is a gem waiting to be discovered. Developed by the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA), the suburb offers 2bhk apartment in Ahmedabad starting from  ₹10,000 for families in well-maintained parks, playgrounds and roads creating a sense of community. Its proximity to academic institutions and the upcoming Sabarmati River Project makes it attractive.

3. Nikol: A mix of Affordability and Culture

At Nikol, you will find affordable flats in easy budget for those drawn to vibrant and happening neighbourhoods. The property offers a mix of old and new units, starting from ₹12,000 for 1BHK. The area is known for its beauty and rich cultural heritage, diamond industries and proximity to major shopping malls like Pancham Mall and Varundavan Shopping Center. While slightly more expensive than other options, the Nikol makes it easy to be close to everything you need, from entertainment to healthcare

4. Chandkheda: Institute for Profit Entrepreneurs

If your work life revolves around the Chandkheda main shopping mall, consider putting down your roots in the area. This thriving area has a range of apartments and detached homes priced from ₹10,000 for 1BHK. Chandkheda known primarily for its industrial and IT parks, was slowly turning into a residential area with good connectivity to other parts of the city and an attractive destination for young professionals due to the educational institutions and facilities it is used for the sake of it

5. Maninagar: Known as Daddar of Ahmedabad 

The availability of residential properties for sale in Ahmedabad is abundant. One of the hidden gem with urban amenities is Maninagar . This luxury residential area offers exclusive homes and luxury apartments, starting from ₹15,000 for 1BHK. While slightly more expensive than other options, Maninagar offers a peaceful setting with gardens, lush vegetation - Kankaria Lake and Nagina Wadi. The presence of prestigious educational institutions and top universities makes it more attractive.

There are number of affordable flats in Ahmedabad and has numerous options to explore, making it an attractive destination for individuals and families looking for financial stability without compromising quality of life. This review aims to enumerate the top five most affordable destinations for those who are thinking of relocating or want to relocate or budget accommodation in Ahmedabad. It can provide valuable insights to those who want it. But all of this requires a trusted partner and TLJ Property is here - through careful consideration and research, TLJ helps individuals find the right balance between affordability and comfort in a community that is improving this, ultimately improving their overall well-being and satisfaction in the vibrancy of Ahmedabad.

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